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Scout Sleepover and Blue Rocks Baseball

The annual Cub Scout sleepover with the Wilmington Blue Rocks is set for Friday August 23rd at 7:05pm!

The Wilmington Blue Rocks will be taking on the Down East Wood Ducks. Come watch a baseball game, enjoy post-game fireworks, and then camp out in the outfield. It’s a great way to end the summer, and a hassle free way to camp out under the stars.

Visit the Pack 205 signup form and RSVP no later than August 1st. This event is open to all families, not just scouts. So be sure to include your friends and relatives.

Happy Independence Day!

From everyone at Pack 205, we wish you a happy and safe Independence Day. The Scout Law reminds us that a scout is Loyal – show that you care about your family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and country. On this 4th of July weekend, take a moment to remember the fate of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. They pledged their lives so that their children and future generations could understand freedom.

Fate of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Bike Rodeo – July 10

Our ever popular Bike Rodeo will be held on Wednesday July 10th, with a rain date of July 11th. We will meet in the Holy Angels church lower parking lot (closest to the football field) at 6pm. All kids are welcome to attend – you don’t have to be a scout to pedal around with us. In fact, bring a friend along to join the fun!

Be sure to bring your bike, your trike, your scooter – AND your safety gear as well. A bottle of water is recommended as well. We will cover bike maintenance and safety, but also test your handling skills and some riding games as well.

Movies Under the Stars

This Wednesday night at 7:30PM we will be showing a family friendly movie outdoors. Grab a blanket or lawn chair and meet us at the Holy Angels football field for an evening of fun. The forecast for Wednesday night looks good, but if there is a chance of rain, we will move inside into Fremont Hall – also located at Holy Angels church and school.

Family Swim Night

The annual Fishing Derby kicked off this past weekend, and everyone had a great time. Scouts were provided safety tips and instructions, and also a lesson in patience!

Next up is the Family Swim Night this Wednesday at 7pm at Maple Valley Swim Club. Cost is $5 per person. Please email Bob Ehemann ASAP if you plan to attend. The swim club needs an RSVP head count to be prepared.

Fishing Derby

This Saturday, June 15th at 9am we will hold our annual Fishing Derby to kick off the summertime activity schedule. The weather looks great – sunshine and a high of 82. We will meet at Carousel park just before 9am. Recognition typically goes to the person who catches the most fish and the largest fish caught.

All kids are welcome – you don’t have to be part of the Pack to attend. No fee – just bring your own pole and bait. No license required since we are going to catch and release. Be sure to check out all of the summertime activities we have planned. Come join us, and bring a friend!

2019 Summertime Activity Calendar

Our summertime activity calendar is complete, and it is packed with lots of fun things! Some of the popular favorites like fishing derby and bike rodeo are there, plus some new ones like family movie night and swimming.

Most activities are free, and open to all kids starting kindergarten through fifth grade this fall. You don’t have to be a scout to attend. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to participate.

5k Walk / Run for Child Cancer

Our friends at BSA Troop 50 are hosting a team for a 5K Walk / Run to end Childhood Cancer. We are asking anyone and everyone to donate to his team and/or join Troop 50 and Brett Kaden’s family at the 13th Annual B+ 5K. Event details are below. Please see the link for the 5K as well as another link to learn more about B+. If you go to the Official B+ 5K link you can search for Brett’s name and join his team. There is an amazing story behind this organization!
13th Annual B+ 5K Fighting Childhood Cancer

DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2019

TIME: 5:00pm Walk-Up Registration, 6:45pm Start

LOCATION: Salesianum School, 1801 N. Broom Street Wilmington DE, Map


Official B+ 5K Website

About B+ Foundation

Why Join Scouting?

When Scouting can help nurture courage and kindness and allow youth to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations, and to express their feelings, then we will have helped them grow. We want youth to become useful and stable individuals who are aware of their own potential. Helping a youth to learn the value of their own worth is the greatest gift we can give them.

Cub Scouting Is Fun

Youth join Cub Scouting because they want to have fun. For youth, however, fun means a lot more than just having a good time. “Fun” is a youth’s code word for the satisfaction they get from meeting challenges, having friends, feeling good about themselves, and feeling they are important to other people. While the youth are having fun and doing things they like to do, they also learn new things, discover and master new skills, gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships.

Cub Scouting Has Ideals

Cub Scouting has ideals of spiritual and character growth, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The Scout Oath is a pledge of duty to God and family. The Scout Law is a simple formula for good Cub Scouting and good citizenship. The Cub Scout motto, “Do Your Best,” is a code of excellence.  Symbols, such as the Cub Scout sign, Cub Scout salute, and the Living Circle, help youth feel a part of a distinct group and add to the appeal of belonging to a widely respected organization.

Cub Scouting Helps Youth Develop Interests and Skills

In Cub Scouting, youth participate in a broad array of activities. Cub Scouts develop ability and dexterity, and they learn to use tools and to follow directions. Recognition and awards encourage them to learn about a variety of subjects, such as conservation, safety, physical fitness, community awareness, academic subjects, sports, and religious activities. These interests might become a hobby or even a career later in life.

Cub Scouting Provides Adventure

Cub Scouting helps fulfill a youth’s desire for adventure and allows them to use their vivid imagination while taking part in skits, games, field trips, service projects, outdoor activities, and more. A variety of adventure themes let a youth play the role of an astronaut, clown, explorer, scientist, or other exciting character. Youth find adventure in exploring the outdoors, learning about nature, and gaining a greater appreciation for our beautiful world.

Cub Scouting Creates Fellowship

Youth like to be accepted as part of a group. In Cub Scouting, youth belong to a small group called a den where they take part in interesting and meaningful activities with their friends. The Cub Scout den and pack are positive places where youth can feel emotionally secure and find support. Each youth gains status and recognition and has a sense of belonging to this group.

Cub Scouting Promotes Diversity

In Cub Scouting, youth may learn to interact in a group that may include youth of various ethnicities, income levels, religions, and levels of physical ability. By having fun together and working as a group toward common goals, Cub Scouts learn the importance of not only getting along, but also of working side by side with other youth of different races, classes, religions, cultures, etc.

Cub Scouting Teaches Duty to God and Country

The BSA believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God, and encourages both youth and adult leaders to be faithful in their religious duties. The Scouting movement has long been known for service to others. Scouting believes that patriotism plays a significant role in preparing our nation’s youth to become useful and participating citizens. A Cub Scout learns their duty to God, country, others, and self.


Pack 205 is a 100% volunteer organization, so we rely heavily on fundraising to support the activities we plan for the kids. In an effort to balance the fun and educational activities we plan throughout the year against the necessary costs, we typically hold two fundraisers a year. We participate in the BSA popcorn sales as well as hold our own pancake breakfast.

In the Fall, Pack 205 participates in the BSA popcorn fundraiser. The money we raise goes towards activities such as camping and craft supplies. In the past, we were able to purchase a new pinewood derby track from fundraising activities. For safety purposes, we discourage any unsupervised door-to-door sales; and rely more on friends and family.

The easiest way to sell popcorn is to set up an online account, have advertise your own personal link through social media. Your friends and family can order popcorn online, and have it shipped to them directly.

As winter approaches, we shift our focus into Pancake Breakfast ticket sales. Guests are treated to pancakes, sausage, orange juice and coffee while being served by the Scouts. Scouts receive tickets to sell, and we love to see guests of all ages attend.

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